Louvain School of Management Doctoral Day

Last month, Kênia presented her PhD research at the Louvain School of Management (LSM) doctoral day on January 12. This day was organized with a presentation for each scientific center of excellence and several posters from PhD students from these centers that range from marketing, asset management, supply chain management, innovative strategies and information engineering. There were around forty to fifty people in this event among professors and PhD students from UCL, FUNDP and FUCaM.

She was invited to represent the center of excellence PRISME (Pole of Research on Information and Services Management and Engineering) with a team of nearly 80 researchers. “This is an honor for me to have my research recognized as a mature cross-disciplinary work and share it with people from other centers”, said Kênia.

Louvain School of Management Doctoral Day

Louvain School of Management Doctoral Day

It has indeed been through interactions with other centers that she have developed interesting researches, such as the one she has done by integrating Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with Operational Research (Chapter 7 of my Master dissertation) and with Knowledge Engineering (Tamodia 2004) with professors from UNIFOR and UCL.

Now, Kênia is integrating HCI with Business Process Management in an appropriate environment provided by the HCI lab in the Business School of Management (LSM). There are several challenges to address and she is currently applying this research in a large organization to analyze how our strategy can help systems’ end users accomplish their day-to-day tasks according to business expectations.

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