Presenting Usi4Biz Model Transformations at TAMODIA’09

We are glad to inform that our paper about the Usi4Biz model transformation strategy was accepted to be presented at TAMODIA’09. This work has a scientific purpose in order to validate the theoretical research behind the Usi4Biz platform.

The Usi4Biz platform considers 3 different models to support traceability. The first model is the business process model created by a process modeling tool, like the IBM Websphere Business Modeler. The model is imported in the Usi4Biz platform to be mapped with 2 other models: the task model which represents the tasks of the end-users when operating the system; and the user interface model which represents how the user interface is organized. Considering that organizations are supposed to have only business process models, this work aims to transform these models to task models and task models to user interface models. These transformations may help organizations to adopt the two other models that they do not master.

Of course, the result of the transformation could be slightly different from the one expected by the organization. So, the organization should be able to adjust those models in an efficient way. We have enabled the Usi4Biz platform with the ability to modify imported and generated models, but it is not enough if the organization doesn’t know very well the other two models. For that reason, we have chosen models with very simple structures and representations in comparison with complex models like the business process notation in itself, simplifying the learning process for those stakeholders who decided to adopt the platform.

According to the conference website, TAMODIA’09 is the 8th in a series of workshops focused around the notations used to describe user tasks. The notations range from textual and graphical forms to formal descriptions as well as interactive, multimodal and multimedia tools. It will be held in Brussels, Belgium, September 23-25, 2009.

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