Presentation of the Usi4Biz Framework at TAMODIA’09

Last week, September 24th, we presented the Usi4Biz framework at Tamodia’09, focusing on the production rules used to perform model transformations and impact analyses. Model transformations are useful to save time when creating models and links between them. Since there are compatibilities between elements of different models, rules can represent very well how an element from a model can be transformed and linked with elements of another model. For instance, the business process decomposition is so similar to the task decomposition that a rule can generate the task model structure by analyzing processes and sub-processes.

Presentation of the Usi4Biz Framework at Tamodia'09
Presentation of the Usi4Biz Framework at Tamodia'09

Rules for impact analysis are very important to verify what is going to happen if a specific change is made in any node of the model network. For instance, if a process activity is divided into 2 other activities then the task related with that activity might be divided too and the user interface should consider some additional components. The business analyst will be aware of all these changes before making the decision to perform them.

Check the slides of the presentation made during the workshop session:

Please, comment this news if you wish to know more details about this rule approach.

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