Participation in the Dagstuhl Seminar

Last week, we have attended a Dagstuhl Seminar on the theme of “Enabling Holistic Approaches to Business Process Lifecycle Management”. During the seminar, we came up with a set of challenges for business process management that included ideas from different domains, such as the human involvement, conceptual modeling, reuse, etc.

The purpose of the Dagstuhl Castle is to promote events on informatics research at an international level where people are invited to present ideas, discuss and interact. Dagstuhl is located in southwest Germany, near the French and Luxembourg borders, in a very green and peaceful place. There, professionals and researchers definitively get off-line from their problems and go deep inside the creative work.

Dagstuhl Castle

In this seminar, there were participants from different domains, such as software engineering, database, business process management, enterprise modeling, information systems,  human-computer interaction, etc. Such a diverse group brought interesting and different points of view to the table.

What really called our attention was the interest on end-user involvement on business process management. Even though we have been working on this topic for the past 4 years, we were not expecting such a diverse group to find interest in this topic. Much to our amusement, we participated in two workgroups with very interesting researchers who were motivated to discuss about the upcoming trends concerning end-users involved in the business process management lifecycle. We believe, and hope, that this interest on end-user involvement for business process management just keeps on growing. This experience is very motivating for Usi4Biz.

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