New Journal: Evaluating a graphical notation for modelling software development methodologies

We are happy to share with you that our paper entitled “Evaluating a graphical notation for modelling software development methodologies” has been published on Elsevier’s Journal of Visual Languages and Computing. This paper is the result of the joint work of Kenia Sousa, Jean Vanderdonckt, Brian Henderson-Sellers and Cesar Gonzalez-Perez in the last years.

This work evaluated a graphical notation that supports the ISO/IEC 24744 standard, a metamodel composed of key concepts for development methodologies. This graphical notation has a set of common symbols that can be used to specify software (and other kinds of) development methodologies (e.g. a customisation of RUP, an agile method, etc.).

We have evaluated the elements and diagrams of the notation using the Cognitive Dimensions Framework. This framework aids in delivering a standard evaluation of the usability of information artefacts along different dimensions to cover several aspects of the notation.

As a result of this evaluation, we suggested improvements to this notation in order to enhance its expressiveness and, consequently, the communication between the stakeholders who define and read/apply the methodologies.

The paper is available on Elsevier’s Journal of Visual Languages & Computing. If you are doing research on the field, please take this paper into consideration and do not hesitate to ask your questions.

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