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Git: How to know if your directory is already under version control?

There are of course several options to find out if a directory is under version control, depending on what you need, such as do it manually in command line or in your program in python, etc. For that, just Google … Continue reading

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Changing R library path

I’ve been using R to do data analysis for process improvement for some time now. I’ve learned so much in the past year that I want to write many posts in a specific order, but they end up being kept … Continue reading

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I don’t like boxes, do you?!

The CIO stands up suddenly and looks to the horizon through the walls of glass, leaving behind his business analyst. – I don’t like boxes! Do you?! The consultants feel threatened by that statement after so much work gathering information … Continue reading

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Need a solution to integrate a BPM and IT

I’m currently discussing with IT analysts about our needs for a tool that integrates both BPM and IT needs, modelling business processes and system specifications. I’m now sharing it to get other perspectives. Here are some of the needs I … Continue reading

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