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I don’t like boxes, do you?!

The CIO stands up suddenly and looks to the horizon through the walls of glass, leaving behind his business analyst. – I don’t like boxes! Do you?! The consultants feel threatened by that statement after so much work gathering information … Continue reading

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Need a solution to integrate a BPM and IT

I’m currently discussing with IT analysts about our needs for a tool that integrates both BPM and IT needs, modelling business processes and system specifications. I’m now sharing it to get other perspectives. Here are some of the needs I … Continue reading

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What is the difference between flow charts and BPMN?

I’ve been working with different projects and when we start modelling business processes, I’ve heard people calling them flowcharts. But, why are they calling processes flow charts? They are much more than just flow charts. How do I tell them … Continue reading

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Trust is Everything in Business

Going back to the experience at the Dagstuhl seminar. We noticed that a lot of products, from beverages to snacks, are available for sale near the cafeteria area. All we need to do is to pick what we want. The interesting thing … Continue reading

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