The Usi4Biz framework is composed of methodology and software. The methodology is a set of actions performed by an organization to manage the alignment between business processes and user interfaces. It is better explored in the section Business-User Alignment. The adoption of the methodology is supported by software, which is divided in a general mapping platform and a catalog of plug-ins running on the platform.

General overview of the Usi4Biz Framework
General overview of the Usi4Biz Framework
  • Methodology: it is the part of the Usi4Biz Framework responsible for actions, guidelines and best practices to deploy and maintain the framework in the organization.
  • Platform: it is a software focused on the creation, visualization and maintenance of links between business processes, user tasks, user interfaces and end-users.
  • Plug-ins: It is a set of extensions that make use of the linked network to extend the functionality of the platform by providing different analytical approaches or other utilities such as security authorization, help generation or user assistance. Plug-ins can be freely developed, allowing your company to extend the platform according to specific needs.